How we got here.

Bespoke Barbers… When we started to think of a name for our barbershop it had to be Bespoke and is directed
London/Kiwi by Paul Bartolo.

We’ve worked to create this experience for over a 30 year time line that is a compilation of London – Melbourne –
Auckland where Paul has barbered and owned shops.

Located in the re-established O’Connell Streets British insurance building in Auckland’s CBD the shop has a feeling of being welcoming yet stylish.
The true spirit of a barbershop has arrived where tradition meets modern.

Where craft meets style and equals success.

We are Bespoke Barbers.


Men’s Haircut $39
Men’s Restyle $46
Buzz 1 Comb $27
Buzz 2 Combs $30
Shave with Haircut $40
Shave without Haircut $55
Beard trim $12 to $18
Beard Reshape with blade $35

Monday to Friday: 9am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 4pm
Sunday: Closed


Egor - Ambassador


1. What is your job and what do you do during your day?
Brand Manager of Waiwera Spirits. I manage the sales, branding, training, events and promotions of Waiwera Spirits.
2. What music are listening to?
A bit of everything, I'm really into Hip-Hop Jazz and funky, jazzy stuff.
3. What is all-time favourite movie?
Pulp Fiction
4. Any food with a drink?
I'm very open to new things but if it's quick then it's probably a burger and a shake, if it's lunch it is fish and salad, dinner is many things but if it at a restaurant I'll go for meat. If I'm hungover, it's ramen and asahi.
5. Hair or grooming product you can't do without?
Uppercut pomade,Primal Rituals beard oil.
6. Your style influence?
A bit of everything, English style mixed with my own taste for work. Casual is always different, on trend but different.

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